PharmaCare SUKU At-home Test Kit

  • Instant Data Access: View COVID-19 metrics in real-time as patients take in-home tests and report findings.
  • Geographic Heatmaps: Quickly identify at-risk communities based on infection density and spread rates.
  • Actionable Insights: Detailed geographic, symptomatic, and additional data can help guide actions and policy.

Watch the Covid-19 Test Kit Procedure Video

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Using the Pharmacare attached NFC tag, the Patient takes the COVID-19 test at home. Patients scan the kit’s packaging, opening a portal to provide diagnostic information, including a verification photo of the result. Based on their diagnosis, they receive customized health guidance and care. Also, immunity certificates (such as scannable QR codes) may also be issued to patients with appropriate antibody results; Data is anonymously aggregated through the SUKU Tag Management platform to analyze key metrics and support public health decision making.