My-shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant 16oz Bottle (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon


Also Available in 32oz, 1 gal, 5 gal and by the pallet.



EPA Registration

EPA Registration of the My-shield® Sanitizer/Disinfectant Product Line, with Zetrisil®, for
treatment of surfaces is pending. The company has been informed by the EPA that these
products have passed the testing phase and are in the final stages of approval.

In the interim, many companies, including large Fortune 1000 clients, are purchasing the
My-shield® Cleaner Product Line. We cannot, and do not, make any general or specific
sanitization/disinfection claims regarding our My-shield® Cleaner Product Line. You
should know, however, that the formulation in our My-shield® Cleaner Product Line is
identical in every respect to the My-shield® Sanitizer/Disinfectant Product Line and will be
discontinued as soon as the final stage of EPA approval is completed for the My-shield®
Sanitizer/Disinfectant Product Line.